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Benefits & Features

  • Protect yourself from insects by screening in your double-French Doorway
  • Make your living space private
  • Deflect the glare of the sun by adding shade accents to your living space
  • Let us provide you with solutions for all your screen in’ challenges
  • Phantom retractable door screens are compatible with many door types and finishes.  The innovative designs will speak to your homes’ functionality and aesthetics
  • Existing designs and décor can easily be matched from the large selection of colours and sizes that the Phantom screen doors come in
  • Provide your home with protection from insects as well as solar shading without blocking your view of the outdoors

Available Models

The Professional:

Over 20 years ago, this retractable screen was one of the first to hit the marketplace. This innovative technology uses a magnetic system to secure the door when it is in use, which easily retracts with the pull of the handle.

The Legacy:

The style and quality on this new model of the retractable door has stayed the same, whereas the securing system has moved from the magnetic system to a handle latching system. The first of its’ kind, the latch & release system is secured from unintentional openings and is easy to use.

Signature Colours

Call today to inquire about the ready to order Phantom retractable door screens.

Signature Classic White

Signature Coastal Grey

Signature Driftwood Beige

Signature Hartford Green

Signature Phantom Black

Signature Rideau Brown

Signature Sandal Wood

Signature Silvered Almond

Custom Colours

Available in virtually any custom colour, the Phantom retractable screens are available in Premium and Luxury custom colour options. These may include Decoral (copyright symbol) decorative wood grain finishes.

Phantom Screens have also developed a comprehensive colour program so that screen solutions can be matched or blended with any colour scheme. All that is needed is a sample colour swatch to meet your vision for the selected tone and screen solution.

Contact our office for additional information regarding this process.


Our experienced Phantom professionals will expertly install your Phantom screens to your complete satisfaction by customizing the screens to your home. Our Limited Lifetime Warranty is also provided to give you more of a peace of mind.

Contact your Phantom Screens Authorized Distributor to choose the best door screen option depending on your door type and budget.


Below are entry level estimates based upon the most common application sizes and standard finishes for the retractable Phantom Door Screens. All prices include installation, but not GST.

More specific pricing is available upon request. If requesting more specific pricing please include the following:

  1. Type of Screen
  2. Whether Installation is needed
  3. Other components needed
  4. Finish Options
  5. Mesh Options

Technical Data

Designed to fit a variety of doorways, Phantom Door Screens are a seamless addition to your home. We will work with you to ensure your screen solution is tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Additional drawings are available on the Detailed Technical Drawings page.

Phantom Door Design

  • External Assembled View

Phantom Door Design

  • Detailed View

Aluminum Sill Adapters

  • Detailed View

Frequently Asked Questions

What colours are included with the standard colour option? Standard colours include Slivered Almond, Driftwood Beige, Sandalwood, Rideau Brown, Phantom Black, Hartford Green, Coastal Grey and our most common, White. Colours are kept in stock in Edmonton.

What other options are there other than standard colours? For an increased cost, custom colour matches are available. You may either choose from our existing Phantom custom colours or Decoral wood grain finishes.  We are also able to design and create a custom colour to match your specific frame.

How long does to take for a custom coloured Phantom Screen Door? We have two options: Custom Colour/Wood Grain or Custom Colour Match.

  • Custom Colour/Wood Grain Finishes: May take up to 3-4 weeks to reach our Winnipeg location. For your convenience, we will call you to pre-book the installation once we have the ship date.
  • The Custom Colour Match: This process can be extensive because Phantom needs to create the perfect colour for you. The colour creation and receiving your approval to move forward may take a minimum of two weeks. After your approval another minimum of four weeks is needed to have the product shipped to our Winnipeg location.

What mesh types are available for inside the doors? PVC coated Fibreglass 1814 Charcoal Mesh, commonly known as Black Insect Mesh.

Are there any other options? For an additional cost, Solar or Privacy Mesh can be ordered in and placed in the doors.

What are the differences between Insect, Solar and Privacy Mesh?

  • Insect Mesh: This is the standard mesh because most customers want the units for insect protection and air flow in their homes.
  • Solar Mesh: Reduces heat from the suns rays, but has smaller holes in the mesh which decreases the air flow.
  • Privacy Mesh: Completely black, not able to see through it. Also has decreased air flow, and most customers only use this option if they want the retractable unit to be located within their home. Not recommended for exterior doors.

Are there Warranty options? Limited Lifetime Warranty is available on all Phantom units including the parts, but NOT the mesh. Mesh can be easily replaced but it is not covered by the warranty. Providing the screen is being properly cared for, all other parts are covered for life. In addition there is also a two year service warranty, again provided that the screen is being properly cared for. Give us a call if your screen needs repairs or replacement within the first two years and we will send someone out free of charge. Keep in mind installers will use their discretion on service calls as to whether or not the issues will be covered.

What do you mean by “Properly cared for” Screens? Installers will go over proper maintenance and care tips during the initial installation of the Phantom Screen Doors. While using these maintenance tips, make sure the screen is being used as intended and the tracks and mesh are kept clean of any debris. Also apply silicone spray when needed. Upon the service call, installers will be able to distinguish whether the regular maintenance and care tips were used, as well as whether the screen door was used in a rough manner.

What is the silicone spray for? Notice your screen sticking out a bit? Or not retracting smoothly? Remove the dirt and debris from your tracks, and use the silicone spray as a lubricant.

Can’t I just use WD40? Wouldn’t that be the same as silicone spray? NO!Only silicone based spray may be used as WD40 or other products will make the tracks on your unit stickier than before.

What is the difference? Same look, different feel.   

  • The Professional: Is the “original” twenty-year-old Phantom Screen, which pulls across and attaches to two magnets.
  • The Legacy: Only two years old, this Phantom Screen has a latching handle mechanism inside the slide bar.

What benefits are there to using the Legacy? There are two main benefits to using this system.

  • Easier to open: Using the simple press and release trigger located in the handle, the door will retract.
  • No Unintentional Retractions: Pressure against the interior or exterior of the doors will not impact the doors as the screen will remain latched in its’ place.

Are previous customers saying anything about The Legacy? Only that this system is a new and improved version of the Phantom Screen.



Why choose Phantom Screens? For simplicity sake, we are the best! With over 20 years in the industry, Phantom Screens are the original retractable screens. Not only do we provide high quality, and durable products, but we make sure that our customers know they are valued. Whether a previous or current customer, we ensure that our customer service extends long after the install, which is outlined in our industry leading warranty. (See above for warranty information).