Vista Aluminum Railing Systems

Vista Aluminum Railing Systems is a fantastic investment that will add value to your property and reduce maintenance costs. All Vista Aluminum Railing Systems are a great alternative to steel, wood and iron due to its low maintenance. If you are building to sell, doing renovations or a property manager, Vista Aluminum Railing Systems is perfect for you.


Whether you’re looking to improve current projects or enhance the architectural style of your development. Vista Aluminum Railing Systems are designed to be incorporated into any job. The Vista railing system is available in three standard top rail profiles and with four standard in fill types; straight picket, wide picket, curved (basket picket) or glass. With various heights, tinted glass, and decorative accessory add-ons, any system to be customized to your specifications. 


Keeping your property investments looking its best is critical when adding any new additions to your developments. Vista railing systems uses the latest technology in aluminum alloys and exterior metal coatings to ensure the paint will not will not peel, chip, or flake away. In our facility we electrostatically apply all of our paint finishes, apply pretreatment to the aluminum, paint application and paint curing processes to our products.  With our Q-base system certification, we preform daily testing on our products to certify the adherence and cure of our paint coatings.

Vista Aluminum Railing System is engineered to meet Canadian and U.S. building code requirements and regulations.


We take a great deal of pride in our work, and we know the value of customer satisfaction, so over the last 25 years we have been delivering top quality work for all our clients. We are certified under the Q-Base Quality Management System, which means we deliver products of the highest quality and value. Q-base is an international quality management system based on the ISO-9000 series of quality standards.